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Information Retrieval and Data Analysis
by InfoTom

Information Management by InfoTom provides you with professional Information Retrieval, Knowledge Management, Presentation, Data Visualization, Data Analysis, Scientific Visualization, Statistics and Bibliography, Publications and Literature Management.

Information Retrieval: InfoTom reduces your investment in time and money to find the answers to your where?s, who?s, when?s, how?s and what?s.
Information Processing: InfoTom screens, filters and processes the results from Information Retrievals, shedding unnecessary ballast so you can focus on the essentials.
Data Analysis and Statistics: InfoTom generates custom-made graphics, presentations, data analyses and data visualizations on scientific, financial and a wide variety of other data. We also compute statistics. In both cases, we are using licensed high quality professional software.

The supply of information on the Internet is outrageous. There is barely any topic not covered. However, due to its uncontrolled nature, the Internet contains a lot of redundant, 2nd hand and sometimes even misleading information. A typical Internet research yields a ratio of 1:100 or even higher between useful and useless information. Besides the difficult choice of the right search engine leading to repetitive time-consuming Information Retrievals, you also have to screen the results for the few raisins of helpful information.

Don't waste your precious time anymore taking the chances to rely on misleading information!

InfoTom conducts professional Information Retrievals for you and forwards either the raw results to you or processes them to further exclude useless information (Knowledge Management). InfoTom already starts to process information while retrieving databases and search engines: A good search strategy is the best guarantee for success! Choosing the right key words and combining them using Boolean Operators like AND and OR leads to much better results then using just a single phrase. Another very useful approach in Information Retrieval is defining the proximity between key words or phrases. In addition, there are a variety of more complex search strategies: "Fuzzy" searches involving wild cards are able to find the occurrence of key words even if they are misspelled. Phonetic Information Retrieval strategies will find key words sharing a similar pronunciation. A third group of specialized searches pays attention to the stemming of key words. You may choose to receive your data in HTML or extracted into ASCII, MS Excel or a variety of other formats. Optionally, InfoTom can create high quality graphical output (Data Analysis) and statistical evaluation (Statistics) according to your specific needs.

Being a Biologist by training, InfoTom provides more than ten years of experience in Data Analysis and Statistics. With the help of high-performance software like MicroCal Origin, CrossGraphs, Kaleidagraph and Deltagraph, InfoTom will professionally visualize your data.
Furthermore, InfoTom will perform the appropriate statistical methods on your data sets and help you to verify results. Our statistical analyses are performed with the help of leading statistical packages like Statistica, SPSS, SAS-JMP, MiniTab and SyStat.
In addition, we also provide Resource, Bibliography, Publication and Literature Management. Literature and Reference Retrievals are collected in databases like Endnote, Reference Manager or Biblioscape and can be presented into all common text processing systems.

To summarize: InfoTom provides comprehensive and competent Information Management and Knowledge Management consisting of Information Retrieval, Information Processing, Data Analysis, Presentation, Data Visualization, Statistics and Bibliography, Publications and Literature Management.

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