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Translation and Software Localization

by InfoTom

Translation and Software Localization by InfoTom provides you with professional high quality Translation, Localization, Internationalization and Globalization of a variety of data and document types both from American and British English into German and vice versa.

Being a natural German, InfoTom uses English in speaking and writing on a daily basis since 30 years being almost as fluent as a natural speaker. Besides my "two mother-tongues", I also speak some Russian, Italian and French.
My second qualification is my experience and education in the natural, medical and computer sciences.

I am therefore most competent in the Translation and Localization of scientific, medical and technical documents and data in a variety of formats.

This covers materials and formats such as Manuals, Brochures, Multilingual Desktop Publishing, Scientific Translation, Medical Translation and Technical Translation.
In addition, I translate and localize Web sites and web based applications (Website Translation). This can involve the translation and localization of Multimedia File Formats such as Macromedia Flash and Director and the localization of multilevel pictures, images and graphics e.g. in Adobe Photoshop or Jasc Paintshop format.
My third specialty is the Internationalization and Globalization of Software (Software Localization). In the age of globalization the markets for all goods become more and more internationalized enforcing the need to provide information in a variety of languages. This is especially true for the software market, where the product itself consists nearly exclusively of localizable information. Without specialized tools, Localization of complex software is very difficult and time consuming and quite often involves the same task to be uselessly repeated over and over again. It might therefore be of some interest that InfoTom owns and is familiar with almost all important software tools for Translation and Software Localization such as TRADOS, TRANSIT, CATALYST, PASSOLO and RC-WinTrans.

However, after careful evaluation, I will also consider material covering different themes and topics and coming in unusual formats.
Internet or library based research and Information Retrieval to ensure the highest quality of the translations and localizations can be arranged.

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